I am Paulette Vincent-Ruz, I am Latinx, and identify as a person of color. I am an immigrant born and raised in Mexico, and English is my second language. I have a Mexican accent when I speak English. I am on a F1-Student visa. All of these pieces of my identity shape my way of understanding data and pursuing research. Quantitative methods are more than just a research tool; for me, they are a way to enact social justice. As an undergraduate, I was a chemical engineer who conducted research in organic chemistry. My experiences as a woman in STEM, in addition to my identities, motivated me to study the systemic inequities that drive the gender and race gap in STEM careers. My research is rooted in the desire to understand how people of different backgrounds experience science differently, often in ways that systematically disadvantage women and people of color. This concern with systematic disadvantages lends itself to quantitative research, which relies on statistical methods to create simplified representations of social systems and institutions to allow for clearer inferences. As a woman of color (a group that is also underrepresented in quantitative research), I aim to use my research to explain such inequities

Recent Papers

Vincent-Ruz, P., Binning, K., Schunn, C. D., & Grabowski, J. J. (ASAP). The Effect of Math SAT on Women’s Chemistry Competency Beliefs. Chemistry Education Research and Practice pdf

Vincent‐Ruz, P., & Schunn, C. D. (2017). The increasingly important role of science competency beliefs for science learning in girls. Journal of Research in Science Teaching. doi:10.1002/tea.21387 pdf

Recent Conference Presentations

 Vincent-Ruz P., Binning K., Schunn C.D., Grabowski, J. (2017April). The effect of math SAT on women’s chemistry competency beliefs. Paper presented at the meeting of the National Association of Research and Science Teaching. San Antonio, Tx. Video

 Vincent-Ruz P., Dorph R., Schunn C.D., Cannady M. (2017April). For Whom Does Science Identity Matter?. Paper presented at the meeting of the American Educational Research Association. San Antonio, Tx. 

Paulette Vincent-Ruz

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