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Words Quantitative Researchers and Statisticians Use

Words Quantitative Researchers and Statisticians Use

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to communicate quantitative results to a wider audience. A big part of the problem lies on concepts that are very specific to the the field (a problem that happens on physics, chemistry, basically any science). So when we talk about means, distributions, t-tests what do we actually mean? And can we explain it to people outside the field with simple words? Well I decided to try! I used the xkcd’s simple writer which checks whether you are using words only on the top 1000 most used English words. I will be updating this glossary as I think of more terms or figure out how to explain them!

Independent Sample t-Test: When, How and Why

Independent Sample t-Test: When, How and Why

This post will review a study published in the literature, and follow the steps to replicate the results using an independent samples t-test and calculating the effect size of the difference. The post will focus on the syntax to reproduce this example in R, however the dataset and syntax to run  this example in stata will be linked.

I will follow the following steps, the objective is not only to understand how to run an independent samples t-test in R but also to understand why and when run this type of analysis. The steps will be as follows:

  1. Understanding the claims made in a research paper
  2. Think through the analysis that one needs to do to support this claims
  3. Replicate the results using a real dataset in R

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