As many of you know I am a Ph.D. student in Learning Sciences and Educational Policy (I should probably write about that someday) and as a Ph.D. in social sciences I am expected to write A LOT. My final assignments tend to be about 20 pages long! But also entering my 4th year now I am building up my CV to get a job and that means submitting papers for publication. Writing for this blog and twitter have forced me to write and think about how to write a little bit everyday to keep my writing muscles fit. But also I have noticed lots of people struggle with writing as well! So let’s fix that !

So I am creating a Writing log and sharing it with all of you:

You can also click here to open it in google docs. One of the tabs has my name and sharing it with all you wonderful readers I am making myself accountable to you. So can click on that link every day and see if I am writing at least 10 minutes everyday. Also all of you can leave me notes to keep me motivated. Finally, I left a tab named “template” so if you are up to this challenge you can duplicate that tab in the same spreadsheet and start a writing log. Just as you will be able to read mine I will be able to read yours. So in joining this challenge you are accepting to become accountable to anyone reading the log. I am hoping this way all of us feel more motivated towards writing the same way one feels motivated to do exercise when one has an exercise buddy. And also it includes a Gantt chart kind of think to organize the writing process and different deadlines.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the community writing log challenge!


Paulette Vincent-Ruz

#MadeInMex Researcher on #Intersectionality and #SciEducation #Rstats Quantitative Researcher Ph.D Student in Learning Sci and Policy #intersectionalfeminist
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  • Tattoo is super itchy but it is healing super well 😍 @lantern.rose.jesse
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  • I couple of months ago I asked one of my best friends to design a tattoo that would embody my love for my country and at the same time represented my wish to remain true to myself while trying to make my mark here in the US. She came back with more than I could ever wish for “My spirit shall speak for my race” meaning as long as I embody this and have my mexicaness with me My actions will reflect good on my people and I will be able to create progress for them, a better world and fight for our rights as women, people of color and immigrants

100% designed in México! Made with the great talent and love of @ros_27 and tomorrow will have forever her art on my back.  And tomorrow will be tattoed by the amazing @lantern.rose.jesse Fitting that the design comes from my origins and the tattoo will be made in the place I now call home