As many of you know I am a Ph.D. student in Learning Sciences and Educational Policy (I should probably write about that someday) and as a Ph.D. in social sciences I am expected to write A LOT. My final assignments tend to be about 20 pages long! But also entering my 4th year now I am building up my CV to get a job and that means submitting papers for publication. Writing for this blog and twitter have forced me to write and think about how to write a little bit everyday to keep my writing muscles fit. But also I have noticed lots of people struggle with writing as well! So let’s fix that !

So I am creating a Writing log and sharing it with all of you:

You can also click here to open it in google docs. One of the tabs has my name and sharing it with all you wonderful readers I am making myself accountable to you. So can click on that link every day and see if I am writing at least 10 minutes everyday. Also all of you can leave me notes to keep me motivated. Finally, I left a tab named β€œtemplate” so if you are up to this challenge you can duplicate that tab in the same spreadsheet and start a writing log. Just as you will be able to read mine I will be able to read yours. So in joining this challenge you are accepting to become accountable to anyone reading the log. I am hoping this way all of us feel more motivated towards writing the same way one feels motivated to do exercise when one has an exercise buddy. And also it includes a Gantt chart kind of think to organize the writing process and different deadlines.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the community writing log challenge!


Paulette Vincent-Ruz

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